Satanic dreams are dreams that are orchestrated and manipulated by the devil and his agents for the purpose of truncating God’s plan and purpose in the lives of people. This is nothing but a direct attack against people’s destiny.

Just as we have said in our previous blog posts, there is nobody on earth that does not dream. Even those who forget their dreams do dream, only that they forget the contents of their dream. Though, I have had encounters with about three to four people that claimed they don’t dream at all. After I had counselled some of these people that it was not normal not to dream, some of them who did the prayers given to them started dreaming even before the prayer sessions were over. I want you to know that most of what is behind the idea of not dreaming is due to demonic manipulation.

As the name implies, Satanic dreams are those dreams that come from Satan and his agents. Any of his agents such as witches, wizards, marine agents and so on could project evil dream against a person. All these agents could manipulate and manifest in the dream realm causing untold havoc in the life of a person.

Satanic dreams are always evil. Of course! you need nobody to tell you when a dream is evil. In fact, it is easier to recognize Satanic dream than good and God given dreams. Just like the God given dream has some characteristics by which you can know it, likewise the evil and satanic dreams do. Here are some of the ways to know Satanic dreams.


It carries with it some level of fear : Every dream Satan brings on your way as you sleep brings fear to you. This is because the experience of such a person in that kind of dream is not a pleasant one. In fact, there are times the experience of a person is so horrific that he screams out of his or her sleep and start sweating profusely. We shall be reading several of these and the practical solution to it as we continue on this weekly blog posts. God is never behind any kind of dream that will make you scream out of your sleep and start sweating. Neither will God give you dream that is full of horror. Some people even refer to this kind of dream from Satan as nightmare.

A nightmare is a very bad or frightening dream. It is a feeling of extreme anxiety or suffocation experienced during sleep. Of course! it is a general belief that a nightmare is caused by demons who are responsible for plaguing people during sleep thereby causing extreme suffocation to the victim. Nightmares always bring fear, sadness and despair into the life of its victim. I personally believe nightmares are caused by the devil and his agents.

It is always bad or evil : One of the easiest ways to know Satanic dreams is that it is very bad. It can be rightly said that every bad dream is either an attack directly from the devil and his agents or instigated by him. Bad dream is a bad dream everywhere and good dream is a good dream everywhere. Almost everybody knows whenever he has a bad dream and also know when his dream is good. Some examples of bad dreams or dreams from Satan are as follows:

  1. Eating food in the dream
  2. Having sex in the dream
  3. Finding yourself in strange places in your dream
  4. Always swimming in the river in your dream
  5. Somebody firing gun at you in the dream
  6. Always seeing cobwebs and snakes in your dream
  7. You are grinding pepper in your dream
  8. You see your Bible torn in your dream
  9. You are carrying a big load on your head in the dream
  10. Always seeing yourself naked in the dream
  11. Sitting at the shrine of idol in your dream
  12. Always seeing yourself running errands for unknown people in your dream
  13. You see snakes chasing you in the dream
  14. You always see yourself going back to your elementary school in the dream
  15. Being chased and pursued by people in the dream
  16. You see yourself falling from an height in your dream
  17. Always see dead people visiting and playing with you in the dream
  18. Being locked up in the dream
  19. Always seeing cobwebs
  20. Loosing a pair of your shoe in the dream

It Lacks The Peace Of Mind : Satanic dreams lack the peace of mind in that it constantly torment its victims. Anytime they think of this very dream and the encounter they had, they are always very sad and uncomfortable. Many even find it difficult to even cope in their place of work throughout the day. Some will not even want to go to bed at night.

It Is Always Full Of Attack : There is nothing Satan has to offer you or anybody except evil and sadness. Most of the dreams of people that come from the devil is nothing but an attack against their destiny, life, carrier, marriage, family and so on. People must understand that nightmare or evil dream from Satan don’t just happen but for the purpose of causing one havoc or the other. Most times, people don’t pay attention to this until they start seeing the evil effect on their physical life. Most of this attack is what is responsible for the sudden death of people and the reason behind people exhibiting certain strange behaviors they were not initially known with before.

Effects Of Satanic Dreams

It brings depression : One of the evil that comes with Satanic dreams is depression. Many people that committed suicide sometimes ago was as a result of depression. Depression comes from obsession, which occurs when somebody is consistently thinking wrong. I always wonder when people say ” so he committed suicide because of this simple reason that does not even have much meaning or that does not make such sense.” You see, these things are not ordinary but manipulated by the devil and his agents. I don’t understand how people just explain away spiritual things. Satan through his agents could inject poisonous arrow through the evil dream into the life of a person which could result in depression that pushes them to commit suicide.

It leads to sickness and bondages : Attack from the devil leads to physical sickness and bondages. I went to a particular mountain in a town to pray sometimes ago. People from different states and town always come to this very mountain as well. I was listening on one of the  occassions where people were allowed to give testimonies, when a man of about sixty years old came forward to narrate his experience. According to the man, as he went to bed that night, he had a dream where somebody came to give him a peice of meat which he started eating. He said when he woke up from the dream he saw that meat in his mouth. What! to eat meat in the dream and find the same meat in your mouth when you wake up?

Honestly, many will not believe it. The unpleasant part of this story is that, since that very day, he suddenly developed certain incurable sickness that defy all medical treatment which eventually brought him to that mountain to seek deliverance from God. This is the effect of Satanic or evil dream.

It leads to untimely death :  Many lives have been cut short due to the attack they suffered in their dream. I could remember the story I was told of a man that had a dream where he saw himself flying into the heaven and never came back until he woke up. unfortunately, they couldn’t interpret this dream for him to have been able to do the necessary thing to avert it. This very man died some days after having this dream. In a nutshell, evil dreams can terminate somebody’s life untimely. This is because it’s an avenue for somebody to be warned of an impending doom in order for him to take the necessary precaution. And if the person did not take the right steps to avert any of these evil dreams, it might come to pass just like he had dreamt about it. Many would have been alive today if they had learnt this lesson on time.

It can short change people’s destiny: Evil dream can make somebody’s destiny to be traded for that which is inferior to his own. Just like the stars are different from one another, each person on earth is carrying a destiny different from others. The glory of the sun is different from the glory of the moon; and the glory of the moon is different from the glory of the stars. We must understand that some people are evil and are capable through the power of the occult to collect people’s glory.

I heard of a man who was a witch doctor, who came out of his house early in the morning around 4:00am. As he looked towards the direction of the entrance to the village, he suddenly saw some strange men dressed in the attire of the occult. The man too, being a strong member of a particular occult group went straight to meet  them. After paying obeisance to them with the occult sign, he asked them of their mission, They responded by telling him that a particular baby boy has just being born who is carrying a great glory and they have come to collect it. This very man pleaded with them to share a portion of this boy’s glory with him so that he can as well distribute it on his children. According  to this story, I learnt the least of this man children built three mansions while others became extremely rich. After collecting the glory of this baby, they replaced it with the inferior one. This is what it means to short change somebody’s destiny which is one the effects of Satanic dreams.

It Causes Stagnation And Retrogression In Life : Satanic attacks can result in stagnation and retrogression in the life of the victim. This is the reason we see some people under demonic attacks moving round a circle without achieving any tangible results in life. We will get to know the kind of satanic dream that is responsible for set back as we proceed.

It Is An Avenue Through Which People Are Enslaved In The Spiritual World : It is so unfortunate that uncountable number of people are enslaved today without them even knowing it. Are you not surprised to hear of people committing unthinkable acts  that will almost sweep you off your feet on hearing about it? Countless times, I have heard of husbands who woke up one day and killed their wives and the entire children. I have heard of a lawyer who committed suicide. You see, I can go ahead to count many more. Are all these natural? Of course NO, they are not ordinary. The reason is because these people have been enslaved to do the will of their captors. They only obeyed what they were programmed to do from the spirit realm.

It Leads To Demotion And Termination Of Appointment : Satanic dreams can cause somebody to be demoted from his high position. Somebody had a dream sometimes ago where he saw himself falling from a ladder. By the time he got to his place of work the following day or week, he was fired. You see, what people don’t know is that whatever happens in the physical realm first takes place in the spiritual realm. The realm of dream is a spiritual realm that should not be taken with levity. Hence, whatever negative or evil dream you experience should be addressed immediately or at least should not be left for too long.

It Causes Confusion And Break-up : Among the various nasty experience that one encounters with evil dream is that of confusion and break-ups. Many relationships and marriages would have still remain till today if the devil had not attacked it through evil and demonic dreams. Over the years, we have found out that people with spirit husbands and wives do not experience peaceful relationship or marriage. They are always having issues and divorce. This is because they are always having sex in their dreams.

It Brings About Shame And Stigmatization : Before the devil disgraces a person, he must have succeeded in doing so from the spiritual realm before bringing it into reality. This is why you hear people committing all kinds of unimmaginable atrocities without thinking twice before doing so. And when they are asked what prompted them to do so, many will tell you it is the work of Satan or even give the most ridiculous reason for committing such a heinous crime. This eventually brings shame to them and their family.

It Is An Avenue For Being Manipulated and Controlled :  The dream realm is a powerful realm that cannot be underrated. Many wicked agents of darkness that have confessed over the years have said they were able to capture their victims during sleep. The scripture says while man slept the enemy came and sow tares in the field and went his way. (Mat 13: 25). A lot of atrocities are committed most times in the night when people are busy sleeping. It is at this time that people’s life and destiny are destroyed. Whoever that does not have Jesus and cannot pray, eventually become vulnerable to their attack and assault.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the dreams that come from Satan are with the sole aim of destroying people’s lives. Of course ! the list of the satanic dreams are numerous but what is certain about Satanic or demonic dream is that, it has a mission in your life which Satan intends to achieve within a short time incase you are not careful enough to stop him. The good news is anybody can put an end to any evil dream or prevent it from manifesting if only he knows what it takes to do so.


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