A dream is a succession of images, emotions, sensations, thoughts and ideas that usually occur in the mind during the several stages of sleep. A dream can be vivid, lucid, prophetic, progressive or nightmare.

When we talk of dream, many people don’t understand but think it’s just an ordinary thing that happens to people daily. Many are yet to understand that we are in a world of dreams. You see, a lot of people do not understand that the dreams we have at night or whenever we sleep has the power to determine your life and destiny. Honestly, dreams are powerful. But before we proceed to understanding the meaning of various types of dreams people have as they go to bed at night in our future blog posts, let’s look at the meaning of dream.


Dream could be defined in two ways. The first definition has to do with what you experience during sleep while the other definition has to do with your pursuit or ambition in life. Let’s examine the two definitions:

A dream is an imaginary series of events that you experience in your mind while you are sleeping. In other words, if you dream when you are asleep, you experience imaginary events in your dream. During sleep, stories and images are created in our minds. All the stories, ideas, themes and so on are the imaginary series of events I have just stated. The theme and stories that constitute this dream has impact on our physical life in one way or the other either we are ready to admit it or not. No wonder the scientists and the psychologists see dreams as mysteries. The questions over the ages have revolved around the following:

  1. Why do we dream
  2. Where do dreams come from
  3. Is there any spiritual meaning to our dreams
  4. What are the causes of dreams
  5. Do we really have control over our dreams
  6. Can dreams predict the future
  7. How can we make the good dreams to come to pass
  8. How do we prevent evil dreams from coming to pass
  9. Do God really speak to people through dreams
  10. Can Satan manipulate people through dreams

A dream is also something you often think about because you will like it to happen. For instance, somebody who has been dreaming of having a medal may have his dream come true after eventually winning the medal. Therefore, we can rightly say that if you dream, you think about a situation or event which you would very much like to happen. This has nothing to do with the dream you have in the night or when you go to bed.

As we can see that dream has basically two meanings. The first one is the imaginary series of events that you experience as you sleep at night while the second is that thing you often think about which you will very much would like to happen. This second kind of dream is your ambition or what you aspire to get or become in life. We can say it’s your goal that you set for yourself. The dreams you desire to happen to you are the goals you set for yourself while the dream you have during sleep are not what you choose but just happen.

What Is The Difference Between The Dream Of Desire And The dream Of Sleep.

The first difference between this two is that, while you are the one who determines the dream of what you desire to have, you are not the one who determines the dream you experience when you go to bed at night or during the day. This is because nobody knows the kind of dream he would have as he or she goes to bed. But everybody can choose his desire or ambition and start pursuing it as a goal which can be seen as his dream.

Secondly, you have no control over the dream you have when you sleep while you can control the dream of ambition that is burning in you. The reason is because you don’t know what you will be dreaming about in your sleep unlike the dream of ambition that you are solely responsible for.

The third difference is that the dream you have when you go to bed has four distinct sources while the dream you have as your desire or ambition is being initiated by only you as the source.


The dreams you experience in your sleep are from four distinct sources. This is true concerning everybody in the world; Christians, Muslims, pagans and even atheists are all included. It is very important that everybody knows this so as to take advantage of it. The reason people take the dream they have lightly is because they do not know the extent of the influence those dreams have on their physical life and destiny.

You may find it difficult to believe that what happen to people in their dream could cut their lives short or hinder their breakthrough in the physical life. This website through its consistent blog posts will be giving you up to three hundred kinds of dream, their meanings and certain testimonies of the dreams people had and how they used it to their advantage when they took appropriate steps about it. The good news is, all these dreams and their interpretations are the same everywhere. Hence, there will only be little or no difference in the method of solution prescribed to it. You see, taking one’s dream seriously is so important because many who have died would have still being alive today if they had taken the appropriate steps in handling the message contained therein. Now let’ examine the four sources of dreams briefly before we elaborate on it in our next blog post.


  1. God : It will interest you to know that one of the sources of dreams that man experience is from God. Unfortunately, this is the least frequently occurred source of dream to humanity. This is because God doesn’t just interfere in the affairs of people except there is a cogent reason to do so. Job 33: 15
  2. Satan: The devil is a spirit being just as God is Spirit. So Satan is capable of bringing bad dreams and nightmare on our way. In fact, I have realized over the years that this dream is the second most common of all the four kinds of dream. Due to this, if there is any reason why you should not take your dreams carelessly, it is nothing but because of Satanic arrows and assault.
  3. Daily activity: This is the most common type of dream. This is the dream you experience as a result of the daily experience you have in your daily life. Your interaction with people, places, discussions, laughter etc. All these could be carried into the dream realm. This is natural and should be expected.
  4. Dreams From Your Thinking : This is the fourth kind of dream or sources of dream. A lot of people dream based on what occupies their mind as they go to bed in the night. That is why it is always good to guard your mind properly and fill it with pure thoughts. Impure thoughts will always lead to bad dreams while pure and healthy thoughts will lead to good and sound dreams.

In Conclusion

What is all these talk about? well! it’s about you knowing how to bring the God giving dream to pass and knowing how to cancel the dream from Satan and maneuver it to your advantage. You see, the issue of dream is not what anybody can run away from. This is because nearly everybody in the world dreams. In fact, according to the scientists, everybody is expected to dream between three to six times per night with each dream lasting for about five to twenty minutes.

All these dreams are made up of good, bad and natural dreams. The good news is, no matter the contents of you dream, God has given you the ability to determine the end result. Hence, you must know that what you do about that dream that scares you is much more important than the dream itself. This is because that is what determines the outcome.


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