The Meaning Of The Dream Of The Day

Just as the name implies, the dream of the day is defined as the dream we have while asleep during the day. This is quite different from day-dreaming. People sleep at different hours of the day for different reasons. There are twenty four hours in a day and there is no single hour in the world when you will not find people sleeping. Reasons for this could be due to their nature of job that permits them to work throughout the night and rest during the day; it could be to have some rest so as to relieve from stress and so on.

I have discovered from experience and from peolple that it is always good to have a little rest during the day apart from your night sleep. This will calm your nerves and also help in the better functioning of the brain. This is because our brain which is very active during sleep or dream consist of the emotion center.

You see, scientists have been able to give series of physiological explanations to what occur during sleep or dream but unfortunately, they have not been able to provide explanation for the spiritual interpretation of a dream. I even read sometimes ago in a particular blog where somebody counseled that if somebody has not been dreaming at all, he should forget about it and not bother himself. What a lot of people do not understand in the world about dream is that dream is much more spiritual than physical. Many things that the scientists will explain away and treat as not important are determined in the spirit realm. I am so surprised and disappointed in this generation concerning the way we handle and explain away things that even affects our destiny. Why can’t king Nebuchadnezzar discard his dream of the image of gold? why cant Pharaoh discard his own dreams too? Of course! they knew there were more to those dreams than being ordinary.

The Hour Of The Day When Good And Bad Dreams Occur Most

If you take the pain to study the dream pattern of people over certain period of years, you will see that there are certain facts that are common to all dreams everywhere. I have been able to study in my life and in the life of people over the years that certain bad dreams are common at certain period of time than others. This same fact obtains for good dreams too.

Most times when bad dreams occur, if you have studied it very well in your life and in the life of people. it is between the hour of 12 am and 3 am in the mid- night. It is at this time that people record or tell the stories of wild dreams and nightmares. Honestly, if there has ever been somebody I know too well that suffered in the dream is me. I went through hell in the dream realm before God actually delivered me. I had wild dreams upon wild dreams; nightmares upon nightmares almost every night for nearly more than twenty five years. In fact, there were periods in those years that I would be afraid to go to bed. If a demon was not pursuing me today, it would be masquerades beating me with canes tomorrow. I cannot begin to explain to you enough all the terrible dreams I had in life. In fact, I should have been dead by now if not because Jesus appeared to me on one of those occasions, laid His hand on me and prayed. This is why I am always surprised when Scientists try to explain away certain things like dream that carries spiritual weights.

Do you know my observations for those years of having those dreams? I discovered that those dreams happened between the hours of 12 am and 3am in the midnight. Moreover, I found out most people having bad dreams too, do so during this same period of time. Now, can I shock you? Will you believe it if I tell you that this same period of time in the afternoon, the hour of 12 pm and 3 pm is when bad and evil dreams are prevalent? Haven’t you observe in your life or people’s lives? That has been my personal experience over the years and that of people around me.

Why Do People Always Have Bad Dreams At This Period Of Time

The reason for this is not far-fetched. But you must first believe that dream is much more spiritual than physical. This will enable you to see it clearly from the angle from which I am speaking. In the spiritual realm, the kingdom of darkness or Satan hold their meeting at that time. Moreover, this is the actual time they launch their attack against individual from their meeting. This is the period manipulations and enchantments are made against people. Just continue to pay attention to people around you. If anyone has a bad dream, try to find out from that person the hour of that dream. You will discover it cannot be far from this truth. Of course!, we are not advocating that this is the only time bad dreams occur , but from experience and research, bad dreams, evil dreams and nightmares are most common during this period of time due to the reason I have just stated above.


The night dream is the dream that is experienced by people at night during sleep. It is different from the dream of the day and daydreaming in that it only occurs in the night. It is necessary to say this because the hour of the day in which people sleep determines the quality, quantity and type of dreams they have. Sleep is a vital part of our life and we spend1/3 of our life sleeping either we are conscious of it or not. You see, dreams are the manifestations of our subconscious thoughts and fantasies that we are not aware of in our waking life. If you have actually observed, you would have discovered that the hours you spend sleeping during the day is far lesser than the hours you spend in your sleep during the night. Moreover, I have personally observed over the years from my personal experience and from people that bad dreams and nightmares are common in the night time than in the day time. These dreams happen to people in the hours I have just explained above.

When Does Good Dreams Occur During Sleep

When we talk of good dream, good dream is good dream everywhere. Even a kid knows when a dream is good. Though, I cannot say much about people in this regard, but from my own personal experience, all the time that I have heard God speak to me has been between the hour of 4 am and 6 am in the morning. Also the hour between 8 am and 11 am, 4 pm and 6 pm in the evening. Why it is like this I cannot explain and neither can I use my own to set the standard for everybody. Of course! we all know God cannot be confined to certain period as He is powerful. But the truth of the matter is good dreams are common to people at this period of time than others.

Why Do People Forget Their Dream

People forget their dreams for several reasons. Though, I do not usually forget my dreams but do experience this once in a while. Even those ones I forget, I do remember them later after putting my two hands upon my head and pray shortly for God to bring back the dream to my memory. Since God has made me to know years back that It is Satan or the enemy that most of the time wipe out the dreams from my memory. Whenever the dream is a message from God to you about something important and something about your life, the devil will want it blotted out from your memory. Also whenever the dream is a specific attack from Satan to destroy you, he will wipe it off your memory. Why? The reason is because he wouldn’t want you to do what God says that can make you to fulfill destiny or escape from something that may cause you sorrow for the rest of your life.

The second reason he will want it blotted out of your memory if it is an attack directly from him is because he wouldn’t want you to do something about it to prevent it. He will want you to be caught unaware so that he might succeed in the attack. When we talk of Satan here, it does not necessarily mean the devil himself but could mean any of his agents like witches, wizards, marine agents and so on.

But then, most people still remember their dreams when they suddenly wake up in the middle of the night or in the middle of that dream. Some other people will only remember some few minutes after the dream has ended. Apart from this, people who have terrible and frightened dream and wake up while the dream is on are likely to remember than those who have normal dream and wake up later. A scientist even counsel that people who wake up during REM sleep report more vivid, detailed dream whereas people who wake up during non-REM sleep report fewer dreams or no dreams at all.

What To Do To Remember Your Dream

Like I have always said, there is nobody on earth that does not dream .Although, the rate at which people dream might be different from one another. Most of the people who claim they do not dream probably use to forget their dreams. In fact, the normal thing for everyone on earth is to dream and remember it. This is because sleeping and dreaming is a gist from God without which the existence and the survival of man on earth will be virtually impossible. The scientists have discovered over the years that quality sleep and dream help in the functioning of the brain. The brain cells are made active when proper sleep and rest are put in place.

Remembering your dream is something you can do all the time or most of the time you have a dream. This can be done if you practice the following daily habits.

  1. Pray every night before going to bed
  2. Always try to recall back the dream whenever you wake up in the middle of the night
  3. Always put your pen and jotter beside you as you go to bed so that you can write down the ones you remember immediately you wake up
  4. Always tell yourself before going to bed in the form of positive confession that you will have a good dream and remember your dream as well.
  5. Go for deliverance prayer for God to restore your dream memory.


While dream is defined as the series of events that occur while you are asleep, daydreaming is a spontaneous and fanciful series of thoughts while awake and not connected to immediate reality. You see, when you daydream, you think about pleasant things that you would like to happen. Somebody can daydream about becoming the president of a country or becoming the richest man in Africa. Daydream is quiet different from dream in that you sleep before you can dream whereas daydream is close or related to the kind of dream of what you intend to become in future.

The difference between the dream of ambition and daydreaming is that while most times the dream of ambition is attainable if goals are properly set and pursued, what you are daydreaming about is not achievable or easily achievable. This is because daydreaming is just a fanciful series of thoughts that has nothing to do with your greatness or need in life.


Is it possible for somebody not to dream at all? Well! I have heard on several occasions from people that say they don’t dream. I would have been tempted to disagree and disprove it but since they were the ones that experienced it, I believe their story. But I was able to convince few of them that it is not right. I counseled them to go for deliverance prayers which they did. What followed immediately and the kind of dream they had surprised them. I will like to tell you this bitter and rare truth. The truth is, most people who don’t dream are captive in the marine world. The devil do not want them to know whatever that happens to them in the spirit realm . They can be killed, attacked, humiliated at anytime since dreaming is one of the avenues God has given humanity to connect them to the spirit realm. It is an avenue to be warned and instructed concerning certain things in your life.


  1. Improve the quality of your thinking
  2. Change your mindset concerning those things making you to have bad dreams
  3. Watch what you hear, read and say with your mouth
  4. Watch the direction of your thinking. If you get the direction of your thinking right, there will be a shift in the quality of your dream.
  5. Be mindful of what you do last before going to bed
  6. Pray very well before going to bed


In conclusion, if you have not been dreaming at all or you have been forgetting your dreams, I advice you to call on God for deliverance. Pray to God to tear off the veil they have used to cover your face in the mighty name of Jesus. Of course! you need to accept Jesus as your Lord and savior first. It is Jesus Christ that can give true deliverance.

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