Sleepwalking, a unique kind of sleep

Just as the name implies, sleepwalking means walking while sleeping. The word “sleepwalk” or “sleepwalking is a common phenomenon that cuts across the globe. What makes sleepwalking unique in the world?. It is unique in the sense that it is different from other types of sleep through which dreams come. Moreover, the reason we say it’s common is because it is being experienced by people all over the world.

Unfortunately, some people do not still believe it is possible for people to be sleeping while walking. But I want to say that it is not just that people sleep as they walk along the road but they also dream at the same time. Well, this is not a matter of whether it is possible or not. It is the real truth of what happens to people. It may not even be a common occurrence that happens around you, yet it happens often to people. I can confidently say that I was once a victim of sleep walking.

My Experience And How Sleepwalking Occurs

Sleepwalking is a fact that is common among children than adults. Many in health line even refer to sleepwalking as sleep disorder known as parasomnia. Sleepwalking usually occurs when somebody is overcome in a deep sleep. The person involved does not seem to have control over it. You see, sleepwalking is something that has happened to me before. I could still remember many years back that I just finished from college, I experienced sleepwalking close to good five times.

I could remember vividly that in my own case, I was not just sleeping as I walked along the bush path but I was also dreaming. I was sleeping intermittently between thirty seconds to one minute. I would wake up suddenly and quickly returned back to the narrow bush path since I was almost entering the bush. I was really dreaming and even know those things I was dreaming about at intervals. There was no way I could help it as I must keep going and at the same time I was feeling heavily sleepy. Several times, I would have entered the bush before waking up to quickly entered the road again. And just some few seconds after entering the road, I would sleep off and started dreaming again

Why People Sleepwalk

  • 1. Too much stress without rest can cause sleepwalking
  • 2. It could be caused by demonic attack
  • 3. It could be hereditary. You see, you are likely to sleepwalk if they have been doing so in your family
  • 4. Not getting enough sleep which is refered to as sleep disorder could lead to sleepwalking
  • 5. Taking certain medicines such as sedatives
  • 6. Drinking too much alcohol
  • 7. When somebody is feeling sick thereby running temperature. This is common to our children.
  • 8. If somebody is suddenly woken up from deep sleep

Effects Of Sleepwalking

  1. Sleepwalk can lead to stumbling and wounds : Somebody who sleepwalks can fall at any time if not guided or assisted. In my own case, I entered into the bush twice before suddenly woke up. A person in this regards can stumble and fall thereby sustaining injuries or wound.
  2. It can lead to restlessness throughout the day: Sleepwalking can lead to fatigue and restlessness for the rest of the day
  3. It can lead to short memory loss for a period of time : Since lack of adequate sleep is one of the causes of sleepwalking, you tend to forget certain things you ought to remember. Why? Because sleep is connected to certain functions of the brain. In fact, sleeping helps to remove toxins from the brain.
  4. It can make you to be emotional and depressed: When you are not having enough sleep which can lead to sleepwalking, you are likely to be emotional and depressed for the day
  5. . Sleepwalking can make learning difficult due to low concentration : Concentration throughout the day becomes difficult due to inadequate sleep that caused the sleepwalking in the first place.

What Of Those That Don’t Dream

Will you be surprised to hear that some people do not dream at all? I personally do not agree or believe there is anybody on earth who doesn’t dream. I would rather believe these set of people could not recall their dream each time they wake up than to believe they do not dream at all. Well!, that is still my belief till today. But then, I could remember that I came across a lady who came to me for prayer and told me she doesn’t dream at all. In fact, many people have told me the same story since I had encounter with this first lady.

Having heard what this lady said, I took my time to convince her that it was not natural and that she needed deliverance prayers. After she had fasted and prayed and being prayed for, she had a dream where she found herself in bondage with some people. You see, the marine agents that put her in bondage had covered her face with a veil which was preventing her from having a dream so that she will not seek for deliverance if she got to know. Of course! there is no way she would not have found out through the dream realm if she had been dreaming.

Dreaming Is A Gift From God

Dreaming on a regular basis is a gift from God. It is a gift because there are lots of benefits that are attached to dreams. So, if somebody is not dreaming, he has a very serious spiritual problem that needed to be addressed on time. I found out over the years that people who don’t dream at all are the easy targets for the enemy. These people most times do not get the signs or signals as warning even from God since the easiest way God warns everybody in the world of an impending trouble is through dream. This is because access to that signal has been blocked or covered by demonic spiritual veil.

Not Dreaming At All Is Demonic

Honestly, people who are not dreaming at all are under the influence of demonic power. This is a bitter truth that may be hard for people to believe. Everybody the ministers of God have had encounter with that don’t dream at all have come out with the same experience over the years. When they were made to go through deliverance prayers, they started dreaming well. This happened after they first had the initial dream of seeing themselves in bondage. In most cases, these kind of people are referred to as blind witches.

This is because most times, these set of people can be killed by witches or wicked people anytime without them knowing it. Some of them have been initiated into witchcraft and marine kingdom unknowingly. There is always a thick veil in the kingdom of darkness that has been used to cover the face of these people. The veil has to be torn spiritually and removed.

Unfortunately, many of the people in this category do not know God; and neither are they born again. The only good and lasting solution is for these people to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior, confess their sins and renounce them. As they begin to pray violently, their eyes will begin to open and see clearly their spiritual state.


In conclusion, it is an evil thing not to dream at all. People who don’t dream cannot even explain most things or strange things that happen to them at times in the physical realm. But the good news is, there is solution to all these. While it is true that certain temporary measures that leads nowhere can be given to help you, I am sorry to tell you that it will not last. The permanent and lasting solution lies with Jesus Christ. Then how do you go about it?

Take the following steps:

  • a. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior
  • b. Confess and renounce your sins
  • c. Make restitution where necessary
  • d. Pick certain deliverance verses from the scriptures and begin to pray violent deliverance prayer
  • e. seek to be baptised in the Holy Spirit with the Biblical evidence of speaking in tongue
  • f. Identify with a local church and begin to fellowship with them.

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