• 1. What It Means To take Advantage Of Your Dream
  • 2.Things To Know About Dream Before Knowing How To Take Advantage Of Them
  • 3. Why Every Dream Is A Suggestion
  • 4. How To Take Advantage Of God Given Dream
  • 5. How To Take Advantage Of Evil Dream
  • 6. Conclusion

What It Means To Take Advantage Of Your Dreams

The first thing everybody should know and understand  is that every dream is a suggestion; and should be treated such. While it is true that dreams are powerful and have the ability to make, lift and demote a person due to the power that backs it up, God hardly allow anybody to have the kind of dream he cannot do anything over. However good a dream is, it will never happen even though God has revealed it to you in your dream if you do not take conscious deliberate effort to make it happen. In the same vein, evil dream cannot happen as long as you take your stand against it. Even where your dream is so evil due to manipulation from the kingdom of darkness, God has positioned man in such a way that he can take charge and cause the dream to be to his favor. In a nutshell, taking advantage of your dream means channeling it in a way as to enhance your destiny irrespective of the kind of dream it is.

How Then Do You Take Advantage Of Your Dream

How then do you take advantage of your dream? You take advantage of your dream by taking the certain steps to make the positive dreams happen and also take certain steps to prevent the evil ones from happening. You can see these steps under both the God given dream and the Satanic dream. You see It means whatever type of dream you have either good or bad, you can always take some certain steps in the physical realm to channel the manifestation of such dream to your favour. Don’t ever think it is not possible or difficult. It is you who determine the outcome of the manifestation and not even the forces behind the dream. This is because what you do concerning what you dream about is much more important and determine the outcome of the dream than the dream itself.

Facts to Hold concerning Every Dream

  • 1. There are forces behind dreams that turn it to reality
  • 2. You must first understand the meaning of your dream before being able to take advantage of it
  • 3.You must not resign to faith and accept the dream like that, most especially where the dream is bad.
  • 4. You must carry the mentality that every dream is a suggestion and you have the power given to you by God to determine the direction it goes.
  • 5. You must understand that among numerous ways that can be offered to solve the mystery around your dream, only godly ways of solving your dream will last and bring permanent positive results

Why A Dream Should Be Seen As A Suggestion

The reason every dream should be seen as a suggestion is because it has not happened yet. Moreover, the tendency that it will happen depends on you. The condition that will make it happen is solely dependent on what you do afterwards. If you choose to fold your hand and watch your life being dictated by your environment or circumstances that can make evil dream come to past in your life, then you are in trouble.

Why Should You Take Advantage Of God Given Dream?

Again, why should every dream be seen as a suggestion?  This is because God giving you a good dream where He chose to unfold His plan for your life does not mean it will automatically happen. Whenever God reveals anything to you, He is just simply saying” oh boy! this is my plan for you and the greatness I  have in stock for you. The only advantage of this is that, this will enable you to be focused and prevent you from wasting your time jumping from one place to another trying  to figure out what works and what does not work for you. But in spite of that, God will not force you to go that direction. You now decide what you want to happen. Let’s look at some examples from the scriptures.

God Will Always Reveal His Plan And Give Direction

When God put Adam and Eve in the garden, He revealed His plan and the direction He wanted them to go. He also told them what will happen to them incase they choose otherwise. You know what? God didn’t even bother them as they took the decision to go the opposite direction. What of Joseph the son of Jacob? he was fortunate to understand this from childhood. He began to walk towards that plan that God revealed to him in the dream from the very first time God showed it to him. He knew if the dream must come to pass, it has to be him and not God. No wonder he guarded his dream jealously and careful. If he had fallen for Potiphar’s wife, the dream would have been aborted. So whenever God comes to reveal something to you in your dream that bothers on your life or destiny, do not fold your hands and expect it to happen just like that. The reason this is important is because there is always a negative power very close to you that want to truncate it.

Five Steps To Take Advantage Of God Given Dream

There are about five steps to take in order to take advantage of God given dream. These steps are in the following order:

  • The first step is to try as much as possible to remember the details of your dream
  • Secondly, you should seek for the interpretation of that dream
  • Thirdly, since it is a God given dream, you must strive to know and understand what God is saying
  • The first step is to look out for the condition for fulfilling such dream as stated by God
  • The fifth and the final step is deliberate physical efforts to make you realize it. How? Let’s say for instance God has told you in your dream He wants you to become a pilot because wants you to be used to save certain category of people in future, then you are to make aeronautic engineering your University choice. It is your duty to do that and not God.

Moreover, it will be foolish on your part to put in for Law after knowing what God wants you to do. Apart from this, you must engage in spiritual exercise like prayer and fasting to clear every form of obstacles on your way. This is because the devil will want to do anything possible to prevent you from becoming what God wants you to be.

How To Take Advantage Of Evil Dream

In the same vein, whenever you have a bad dream does not mean it is your portion. As good dream can be hindered from coming to pass due to your inability or carelessness in taking steps, likewise bad dreams can be prevented and even maneuvered to your advantage by taking positive steps in the direction you want it.

You see, a lot of people think once a dream is good or is from God, automatically, it must come to pass. That is why many keep wandering why prophecies they received from their childhood are nowhere near being fulfilled. My friend, it doesn’t work that way. The reason you see it as a suggestion is that it can never happens until you make it happen. And if truly you want it happen the way God has shown you, then you must take positive deliberate steps towards that direction. No wonder many that are in the grave today had dreamt about their greatness sometimes ago but died before their time.

Also the person that has an evil dream should not be scared but know that he’s been reminded what the enemy is about to do. Such a person is not expected to start crying or fold his hands expecting the dream to come to pass. Rather, he is suppose to think and ask himself “what must I do to prevent this evil dream from happening to me?” . When he now takes the appropriate steps, then I can bet it with you that he will emerge victoriously.

Steps To Take Advantage Of Evil Dream

  • Firstly, you should try to remember the details of the dream as much as possible
  • Secondly, seek for the interpretation and meaning of the dream
  • Thirdly, since every Satanic or evil dream is mostly an attack, take steps to reverse the dream. How? if you are a believer, then do what I have done over the years that helped me to overcome evil dreams. What I did was to fast and pray, making bold declaration reversing the dream. When I have done this for a couple of times or days, at times I see my victory in another form in a dream where I had my victory. The next thing that follows is the physical manifestation of positive results.

Well, you may want to ask ‘what of those who are not believers in Jesus Christ? Anyways, as far as I am concerned, a spiritual solution that can guarantees result is Jesus Christ. Following other parts will disappoint and let you down .

In Conclusion

Honestly speaking, you have power over your dreams. The reason the evil dream come to pass in our life and the good ones do not happen is not because we do not have power over it but because we lack the understanding of the interpretation and the appropriate steps to take to make it happen to our favour. I found out over the years that one of the lies the devil tell people is that they have no control over their dreams. The very moment you start believing that you can win all your dream battles and start taking steps accordingly, the devil will begin to bow to you and clear off your path.

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