Good day friends, for some time now, we have been talking about the different sources of dream. In our previous blog posts, we said there are four sources of dreams which are; God, Satan, activity of the day and dream that comes as a result of what you think. This is the fourth kind of dream. In this kind of dream, you dream about what you are obsessed with in your mind. Of course! my reader will agree with me that there is nobody on earth that doesn’t think. But it is either you are thinking right or you are thinking wrong. There is right thinking and there is wrong thinking. There is positive thinking and there is negative thinking.

This kind of dream comes when your mind is preoccupied with a particular thought pattern . There is nothing bad to think about an issue or problem; but when you become obsessed by it, you will start dreaming about it. The direction of such dream will be determined by whether what you are thinking is right or wrong. Right thinking will give birth to right dream while wrong thinking will give birth to wrong dream. You see, I have come to realize over the years what constitute the thinking of people and why they dream their thought. I found out that the pain, the disappointment, frustration and all sorts of nasty experiences that they have are what dominate their thinking which they eventually carry to bed.

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he ….(prov 23:7). Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life(prov 4: 23)

The good news about this dream is that it can be prevented or taken care of. Just make sure you are careful of the kind of thought you are engrossed with before going to bed. Can you now see that what goes through our mind just before we fall asleep could affect our thinking? In fact, it could affects the contents of your dream. The observations over the years show that themes , people, places and so on that do appear in our dreams over and over again are those we see and think about often.

What To Do To Take Charge Of This Source Of Dream

  1. Be careful of what you allow into your mind: Many people do not know that, no man can ever be greater than the level of his thinking. A lot of people are careless about what comes into their mind. They think anything; they say anything; they believe anything and eventually act in the way they deem fit. The mind of man is like a machine and whatever is been fed into the machine is what it will eventually process. I mean the kind of data that is put into the machine determines the outcome. Likewise, what you feed into your mind is what determines the outcome. Somebody once said you cannot prevent bird from flying in the sky but you can always prevent it from building nest on your head.
  2. Always process every thought well before dwelling on it : Never dwell on every thought that comes to your mind. Learn to be selective about what you think. Oh! you think is not possible to select your thought? Well! it is very possible to do so. It may not be easy initially most especially if you have been used to thinking wrongly or thinking about everything that comes to your mind over the years. How do you process your thought before dwelling on it? Always ask yourself, does this thing I’m thinking edifies me?, Can it help my destiny?, Can I be bold to tell people that this is what I’ve been thinking?, If I were to carry out what I’m thinking, will it bless others or hurt them? All these are the questions we should ask our self before dwelling on any kind of thought. Moreover, we should check our mood as we ask our self these questions. Any kind of thinking that leads to depression or sadness should not be entertained.
  3. Guard your thinking pattern : The Bible says “Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it spring the issues of life” (prov 4:23). Everybody has a thinking pattern which has remained with him or her for years, either you are conscious of it or not. Some people refer to this as a mindset. This is what makes us find it easy to predict at times what some people can do. You see, your mindset or pattern of thinking you have formed over the years is what determines your level of maturity. When your thinking pattern is always on the wrong thing all the time, you will always dream in that direction. It is your duty to consciously and deliberately guard the pattern of your thinking most especially before you go to bed daily. This is because most often, people dream about what dominate their thinking before going to bed.
  4. Don’t dwell too much on any negative experience you have : One of the areas where I suffered in life before I eventually learnt my lesson is in dwelling too long on negative or unpleasant experience. If you are the type that use to dwell too long on a negative experience, it will be difficult to take charge of your dream. This is because as you keep thinking about it and refuse to let go, you will start having unpleasant dream about it. I have studied over the years from experience and from people that when they keep thinking over the pain, the frustration and every nasty experience that result in depression, the dream people have will always be unpleasant. Since nobody has the ability to reverse what has happened in the past, wisdom demands on our part that we let go and put the past behind us.
  5. Avoid obsession with negative thought with all your strength for this is the reason for depression which eventually leads to suicide : Obsession is when you are unreasonably preoccupied with a particular line of thought or something in your mind. You are so much engrossed with the thought that you care less about all other things around you. All your strength , energy and focus are taken over by it. Many who are obsessed with lust eventually end up having a dream of entering into covenant with spirit wives and husbands. Also, others who dwell too long on the evil someone did to them end up taking revenge while others who dwell too long on the thought of people rejecting them, eventually end up committing suicide.
  6. If you are a Christian, always rebuke and take authority over wrong thinking in the mighty name of Jesus : There are times certain thoughts will persist in spite of the effort you are making to discard them. At this point, one should do what the scriptures encouraged us to do. We are to rebuke this thought and take authority over it in the name of Jesus (2Cor 10:5). I found out some years back that certain thoughts are not ordinary. Rather, they are injected to people’s mind by demons; and until you take your stand against it by rebuking it in the name of Jesus, those thoughts will persist. You see, the reason you are to take this serious is because wrong thinking can destroy somebody’s destiny, cut his life short and truncate his future. When you leave wrong thought unchecked and allow it to go on for an unnecessary long period of time, you will start acting in the direction of your thought before you even realize it.


There are dreams that come through what you think and what you allow to take root in your mind. Therefore, it is highly imperative that you guard your mind and saturate it with good and pure thoughts which most times eventually give birth to good dreams as you go to bed. If people that keep having bad dreams every night will learn this and practice it, they will see drastic changes in their dreams as from that moment’s on.

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