Just as the name implies, the dream that comes through physical activity are the dreams that occur as a result of what people are mostly involved in, during the day. You see, like we have rightly mentioned in our previous posts, there are four sources of dream. The dream from God, the dream from Satan, the dream that comes as a result of physical activities and the dream that comes as a result of your thinking. I told you initially that out of these four sources of dream , the most common among them is the dream that comes from the activity of the day. The least frequently occurred one is the one that comes from God.

For a dream comes through much activity………..(Eccl 5:3). When we talk of natural activity, we are talking of those things that you do during the day that occupies your attention. This dream could be about your place of work, about you and your friends going to school, it could be about playing golf game or having a good time with your friends at the amusement park. You see, the dream that comes from this category of dream are endless. There is nothing evil about this dream and neither is it orchestrated by God or Satan. Rather, it is just natural. The activity we are talking about could be your job, assignment, interaction and so on. Here, one of the things that is likely to dominate your dream is what you do most of the time during the day. You can dream a normal natural dream about your place of work, your farm, your business and so on. This kind of dream is not evil but natural. Dreaming from much activity of the day is not difficult to recognize at all. Let’s look at some of it’s features.

Characteristics of the dreams that come from physical activity.

  1. It is determined by the extent of your involvement during the day.
  2. It does not bring fear.
  3. It is purely natural and normal
  4. It is not orchestrated by God or Satan


1.The dream of the day : The dream of the day is the dream a person has during the day while sleeping. People have different kinds of dream during the day ranging from good to bad ones.

2 . Daydreaming : This is a spontaneous and fanciful series of thoughts while awake which may not even be connected to immediate reality.

3 . Nightmares : A nightmare is a very bad or frightening dream. It is a feeling of extreme anxiety or suffocation experienced during sleep. In fact, it is mostly believed that it is a demon or monster that plagues people while they are asleep and causes a feeling of suffocation and terror during sleep. In addition to this, nightmares may bring psychological discomfort and physical terror to the victim.

4 . Night dream: Just as the name implies, night dream is the dream people have at night when they go to bed or sleep at night. What makes the difference between this dream and that of the day is that night dream occurs in the night during sleep while the dream of the day occurs during sleeping in the day. The scientist over the years have been able to prove that the eyes move rapidly during sleep. They refer to this as REM which means, Rapid Eye Movement.

It is also believed that our brain waves which are very much active in the day are also very active at night even during sleep. According to experts, the brain stem generates the REM sleep while the forebrain generates dreams.

5 . Lucid dream : This is a kind of dream in which somebody that is dreaming becomes conscious in that dream that he’s dreaming. It is a kind of dream in which somebody is between a waking state and sleeping state. Some people believe that people who experience lucid dreams have the ability to control it. Moreover, some people believe that it is possible to lucid dream through discipline and training.


This third type of dream is very good and does not bring any harm with it. Rather, it makes you to remember certain things about yourself, people and events. This is why its always good to do the right thing during the day and live in peace with people around you.


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