Since dreaming is something that is peculiar to every human being, it is therefore necessary that we know those features that are attributed to dreaming. This will enable us to know the influence dreams have on our physical life and destiny which will in turn motivate us to take advantage of those dreams. You see, the dream we experience at night or when sleeping should not always be taken for granted if we must enjoy our lives to the maximum due to their impact on our daily lives. Let’s examine some of these characteristics one after the other.

DREAM IS POWERFUL : One of the greatest truth you will ever find on the internet is this I am about to tell you. The truth is that dream is powerful. why is it one of the greatest truths? Because it affects every single human being in the world. Despite it cuts across the entire world, yet people don’t know or understand the power it carries. I am so convinced and sure that if due attention has been paid to most of the dreams that people have during sleep, most of the terrible things that happen in the world would have been drastically reduced to the barest minimum. Why do I say this? Because there is nothing that happens in the physical that is not initially manifested or revealed in the dream realm. It could be days, weeks or months before it happens but certain traces of it must have been seen. The reason people don’t know this is because they don’t understand it this way. Many will even forget their dream immediately they wake up. You see, in this case, the devil wipe it off their memory just for them not to take advantage of the dream. We shall be talking about this in our future blog posts.

Many are yet to know that when they dream, it is their soul and spirit that are involved while their body is at rest. At the time of sleep, your soul or spirit which is the immaterial aspect of you is connected to the spirit world from which everything that happens in the physical is determined. A lot of folks that are ignorant of this tend to treat their dreams as non important. Let me say emphatically again that dreams are very powerful. Dreams are powerful because they have the ability to influence your physical life. The reason being that the power to do either evil or good may be infused into you through the dream realm. But the good news is that God expect you to take your stand as per the direction you want the dream to go. God expects you to stand against evil dream by rejecting and taking deliberate conscious effort to pray and fast against it where necessary. Many will keep quiet and just fold their hands; not knowing that they have just consented to whatever negative thing they dreamed about.

DREAMS ARE CHANNELS : Dreams are channels of communication through which one receives instructions from God. Dream is also a channel through which people are initiated into witchcraft and into the world of Satan. Somebody sometimes ago was given food to eat in the dream and later found herself attending meeting with the witches. Dream is also a channel through which the enemy plant sickness into people’s lives. For instance, I went to a particular mountain to pray some years back where a man who was undergoing deliverance prayers narrated how he suddenly became sick and being carried from one place to the other until he was brought for prayer on that very mountain. According to him, he was sleeping in his house on this very faithful day when he had a dream where somebody came to give him meat to eat. On putting the meat in his mouth, he started eating but suddenly woke up in the middle of it only to find that chunk of meat in his mouth physically. He said that was the day a chronic disease took over his life. This beginning of problem led to him been taken from one place to another until he was eventually brought to this mountain for prayers. Of course! both God and Satan can communicate to you through dream. Many people have received instructions through dreams that eventually delivered them from problems and untimely death. When God wanted to unfold His plan to Joseph, He did it through dream. God also revealed the image of gold which has to do with what would happen at the end of the age through dream to king Nebuchadnezzar. Hence, until you begin to see dream as a channel of communication, you may be missing out on a very important aspect of your life.

DREAM HAS FOUR SOURCES : There are basically four sources from which dream comes. It will interest you to know that any form of dream by anybody in the world is found under any of these four sources. Even you, the dream you had yesterday night, the one you had last week are all classified under one of these sources of dreams. These sources of dream are: God, Satan, Natural activity of the day and the dream that comes as a result of your thinking. What is most important here is that, for each of this source of dream, there is an expected behavior and responsibility from our end to ensure we take advantage of those dreams.

DREAM CAN INFLUENCE YOUR STATE : Dreams have both positive effects and negative effects on people. If a dream is bad and if not properly addressed, it could influence your mood and even come to pass. Nobody will have a good dream and not be happy while anybody who has a nightmare or bad dream may be in bad mood for the entire day. Dreams have the ability to intimidate, frighten and make you weak if you permit it to do so. On the other hand, positive or good dreams can brighten your face and make you hopeful.

DREAMS CAN BE FORGOTTEN OR REMEMBERED : We must all understand that dreams can be forgotten and remembered. You see, the devil and his agents will not want you to remember any message or whatever instructions God is trying to pass across to you in your dream. This is because he knows once you remember them, you may want to act according to the direction that will benefit your life. Therefore, people must take every necessary precautions to always remember their dreams.


  1. It is peaceful
  2. It is clean and clear
  3. It carries a definite message
  4. It must be capable of being interpreted
  5. It must be able to change your attitude and mentality about certain things

How To know Satanic Dream

  1. It carries fear
  2. It is always bad
  3. It is always a form of attack
  4. It makes one sad

How To Know The Dream From Natural Activity

  1. It has to do with those activities you involve yourself during the day. For instance it could be about your place of work or about hanging out with a close friend.

How To Know The Dream That Comes As A Result Of Your Thinking

  1. This is the dream you have as a result of those things that occupy your mind before going to bed. When your mind is preoccupied with certain things for days and for which you will not let go easily, you are likely to keep dreaming about it until you are able to free your mind.


Dreams have features and sources which if properly understood and handled, will turn things round and always guarantee victory in all aspects of life. Moreover, it is easy and necessary to identify between bad dreams and good dreams based on their characteristics so that you can take advantage of them.

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