take advantage of your dreams

Your Destiny Is In Your Hand

Your destiny is in your hand. Hence, carry it with care and seriousness by pursuing the God given dreams for your life.

Pathway To Glory

Your dreams are your pathways to glory when you take advantage of them.

The Beauty Of Dream

The beauty of the earth lies in it’s creation. Hence, create your beauty by channeling your dreams in a way to enhance your destiny.

About ME

I am Pastor Olufunsho Moses. What actually informed this website was the fact that I have been a victim of dreams over the years. Nearly every dream I had came to pass; both good and bad ones. The surprising aspect of it is that nothing ever happened to me without first seeing it in a dream. This continued for years until one day that God called my attention to it and made me understand that every dream is a suggestion which take place in the spiritual realm. That a dream is good does not mean it will come to pass and that a dream is bad does not mean it is your portion. God further said to me “you determine the direction of your dream by the action you take after the dream”. This is why this website is very interesting, practical and solution oriented. This website will show you more than three hundred types of dreams and how to handle them to your advantage.

Finally, I am a man who love God and have written some books. Each book will enrich your life and make you desire more of God.  

Don't give up on your godly dream

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